Feels alot like Witchcraft…

So over the past week I have been doing some practical research into new materials and processes.

Before you even begin to dye the fabric you need to scour it. This process removes all the chemicals and waxes that have been added to the fibre in the manufacture of the fabric. I used the boiling method using a mixture of soda ash and synthrapol.

Once that is done you need to use a tanning on cellulose/plant based fibres so I used Gallnut extract to do this. This leaves a lovely brown tinge to the fibres! Some dyes contain their own tanning but ill go into that at a later date. 

One tannic is done you then need to mordant the fabric to prepare it to bind with the dye particles. For this I used Alum Acetate, which is foul stuff 🤢 it smells like vinegar crossed with dark room chemicals. Not good at all! I have since been researching different, more natural mordanting processes so hopefully I will find something better to use.

Once all this is done, which is very time consuming (i did it over 36h) you’re ready for the fun bit. I felt like some sort of forest witch mixing plants and herbs to extract the colours from it! So far I am impressed with the results and still having fun which is a bonus. 

I have also made a start on my own dye garden, come Autumn or possibly next year I will be using dyestuffs i have grownand processed myself which I amreally excited for! Well it’s back to the couldron for me, here is some pics of my work so far.


New Instagram

I made a new instagram to post quick pics of what I am doing with my practise, go follow if you are on and im happy to follow back arty pages 😊

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With this last piece of work, I was given the word deconstruction and was asked to produce a piece based on that word.

I started out looking at the philosophical deconstruction of language which led me onto thinking about the physical deconstruction of the written word.

I use the written word as a form of art therapy, deconstructing anxious thoughts by making them physical forms on the page. In this process the anxious feelings are made into a physical form which then can be deconstructed further down to the fibres of the paper.

In doing this the words, and the thoughts and feelings behind them are erased Leaving the fibres to be reconstructed into new sheets of paper. 

I really found this process to be theraputic, as if the action of destroying then reforming the paper fibres reset my mood and thought processes. 

What I found interesting about the finished work was that in places you could see the odd letter still whole, like a memory of the words that were once written there. As well as this, I find it strange how the viewer is looking at some lf my most personal thoughts and feelings, they are there in plain view of the public but it isn’t seen.